Another Good Week For Anison: Symphogear G, Shingeki no Kyojin, Highschool DxD New, Gatchaman Crowds

Kazanari Tsubasa (CV: Mizuki Nana) - Character Song 4

Kazanari Tsubasa (CV: Mizuki Nana) – Character Song 4

I don’t usually bother with character songs but when it’s Mizuki Nana, it’s obviously a different story. That said, I’m not big on Symphogear’s music in general, be it the theme songs or the character songs so far, although I have to admit that this second season is doing somewhat better than the first.

In Gekkou no Ken‘s case, I have to say the wa sound they added to Symphogear’s usual techno beat makes for an interesting mix. This kind of blend doesn’t always work, but when you have Mizuki Nana on your side, that’s already a bit advantage. And this time around we got a decent, albeit somewhat forgetful song.

As for the b-side, Koi no Okehazama… Well, it’s Nana and enka, so why not?

cinema staff - great escape

cinema staff – great escape

I wonder how many people would share my opinion when I say that, this time around, I prefer the new Shingeki no Kyojin ending over the opening. Sure, for the first cour, I think most people will agree that the opening was the big winner. And while I really like Hikasa Youko, I found her debut single’s title track rather boring (thankfully the b-side was good though).

So, for the new ending we got Pony Canyon’s new push, cinema staff. It’s weird to say that I love this single since technically there’s only one track (and we’re not used to that in Japanese releases), but I do love that one track. I’m not big on alternative rock, but great escape has its touch. Let’s just hope the band can keep their touch and not fall into the usual major label black hole.

ZAQ - Gekijouron

ZAQ – Gekijouron

Highschool DxD is definitely not my type of anime, and on a normal occasion I might’ve just ignored its theme songs, but when I saw ZAQ and remembered how much I loved her previous single (Sasami-san@Ganbaranai OP, Alteration), I had to check this single out. Looks like it was the right thing to do.

Gekijouron sounds rather similar to Alteration, but that’s not a bad thing considering my love for Alteration. Although admittedly it’s a little easy to forget.

Hitoyagoto, the first coupling track, is a slow R&B-ish ballad, and it’s soothing enough, though mostly thanks to ZAQ’s vocals.

Shout to the top, the third and final track, is… weird. I’m not sure how to categorize it, but it’s mostly a trance track I suppose, with a little Beethoven in between. Yeah, weird.

Overall, not the strongest of singles, but still a good, maybe interesting listen nonetheless.

WHITE ASH - Crowds

WHITE ASH – Crowds

I think Crowds might be my favorite theme song this season. I’m a sucker for old school rock. If anything, WHITE ASH’s sound reminds me quite a bit of Love Psychedelico (partly because of the English too, I admit), sans Kumi’s awesome voice. That said, WHITE ASH’s vocalist, Nobita, has a nice, unique voice of his own.

Most of the single follows the same formula, with a little punk added to the third track, Queen Of Boogie-Woogie. The exception to this would be the fourth and final track, Good Day For Bye. This track is a simple, short, acoustic piece. It doesn’t really add anything to the single though, only some variety, for the sake of variety. I suppose this isn’t the artist I’d go to for guitar acoustics.


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