Violent is Savanna – Gradation (album review)



Following up after their Swing album in 2011, Violent is Savanna delivers yet again. Gradation is their 2nd full album, and it is just as much a fun listen as their previous one was.

Admittedly, I haven’t listened to the two mini albums they have released in between, but I don’t really feel I’m missing out on much. That’s because, while Violent is Savanna’s songs are all pretty good on average, there isn’t much variety between them. Most of their songs do sound similar, which makes it really hard to pick out one outstanding piece despite there being so many good ones. Oh, I should also mention that a lot of tracks are repeated on this new album anyway, including a couple from Swing!

Now, onto the album itself. As I already said, the songs all have a very similar sound to them, although in this case there is slightly more variety, especially when it comes to tempo. We’ve got more mid-tempo ballads this time around, and while the songs themselves are sweet, I don’t really find the singer’s voice very appropriate. She has a somewhat shrilly, high pitched voice, and maybe it’s because I’ve come to associate it more with their faster-paced pop-rock sound, but yeah, it just feels out of place in a ballad.

When it comes to Violent is Savanna, I like the happy, hyper songs like Nagurigaki I LOVE YOU and It’s Power of LOVE. I also particularly liked the more rock-sounding Suki na Hito no Suki na Hito. here.

So yeah, if you liked Swing, do listen to Gradation as well. And if you’ve never heard of Violent is Savanna, this is one band that I highly recommend.


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