Bully: Scholarship Edition (Review)

Bully was, to put it simply, a very pleasant surprise. I must have spent at least a couple of hours thinking that I was having way too much fun playing a game in which I was a (not so) big bad bully. Needless to say, the game had its flaws, but it’s all so insignificant when I compare it to the simple enjoyability of the game. Heck, I couldn’t even come up with 5 things to complain about for this post! I can’t really complain about the prefects and the police being a pain in the neck after all. They’re meant to be so.

Even bullies could listen to Taylor Swift

Even bullies could listen to Taylor Swift


Or to Mizuki Nana

5 things I liked:
– Soundtrack. Individually, none of the tracks particularly stands out, but during the game, the music choice for most scenarios was great. Although admittedly, the one that plays while you’re driving eventually got on my nerves.
– Transport. BMX bikes, road bikes, scooters, skateboard. Can’t really complain about the variety of choices really. And it’s actually quite fun, not to mention that each type of transport had to be handled differently.
– Classes. Yes, I actually went to class. Some where fun really, like Chemistry or Music. Shop was quite rewarding too. And just like with every school, I hated Maths and Geography.
– Respect/Factions. This was both annoying and brilliant at the same time. Annoying in the way it’s meant to be though, like those stupid greaseballs stealing my bike while we were on bad terms!
– Concept. It’s basically the kiddie version of GTA, what’s there not to like about that?

3 things I didn’t like:
– Story. Namely the ending. It was great when you were trying to build your reputation with all the factions, so watching it all crumble without a decent explanation was just frustrating. The last chapter just didn’t make any sense. It’s like the writers just wanted to make a villain out of Gary and they did it just because they could, really.
– Characters. I didn’t like a single one. I get it, they’re teenagers, and scum that goes to a school that practically encourages bullying. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one decent character who’s not a total sissy instead.
– PC port. This is not a problem with the game itself of course. I played the game on Steam and the game clearly wasn’t meant for that originally. That still doesn’t make certain issues any more bearable, like the black screen I got in the middle of a fight where all I could do was wait to get beaten up because if I loaded my last save point, I’d have to redo way too many things.


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