Love Lab 05, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 04, Gatchaman Crowds 04

Maki Makio appears!

Maki Makio appears!

The best thing this episode: English spoken in Japanese! Seriously, between Kiniro Mosaic and last week’s Genshiken, all the Engrish this season was driving me mad.

Anyway, other than that, Riko just keeps being as cool as ever (ignoring those moments of utter fail when she can’t tell the truth), what with taking the blame for the broadcast and all. That said, the broadcast in itself was a bit… weird, yeah. On another note, as much as I ship RikoxMaki, I can’t help but dig Riko’s and Sayo’s relationship. In a non-romantic way of course. It’s just great how there’s at least one person who sees right through Riko, all the time.

And then the episode highlight. Makioooooooooo~

I wonder if we’re ever gonna get Wakio/Wikio…

Jump Miyu, I'll make sure to catch you into my arms

Jump Miyu, I’ll make sure to catch you into my arms

Gotta love the fast pace at which the development in Prisma Illya is going. Like, Illya going from useless to saving Miyu’s ass, twice, in one episode. And the best part, Illya’s and Miyu’s relationship development. I stopped reading the Prisma Illya manga somewhere around where Miyu’s story is revealed, so I can’t wait till the anime gets there.

It’s also nice to see the level of the cards going up so drastically. Sure, Rider is usually one of the weakest, but Caster really was a huge level up. And next episode… Saber!

I wouldn’t say Prisma Illya is the anime that keeps me most on edge this season, but it’s definitely one of the anime I look forward to the most each week.

Cool-looking Jo

Cool-looking Joe

So, Gatchaman finally starts to make some sense. We now have a very clear villain as well as more information about GALAX and it’s origins. Rui probably just jumped up to be my favorite character too. You gotta feel bad for someone who tries so desperately to be a hero only to possibly end up making things worse.

That said, I’m feeling a distinct lack of actual Gatchaman action in the last couple of episodes. Hopefully that’ll be remedied soon.


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