Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou OP + Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi OP

Next week is a good week for anison releases.

träumerei - LiSA

träumerei – LiSA

The title track, “träumerei” is typical LiSA. Fast-paced, rock-ish and quite enjoyable. I like the short dark tune at the very beginning. It’s slightly different and you can hear hints of it throughout the rest of the song.

“I doubt it” on the other hand is quite weaker, especially in the verses. Rock suits LiSA, but her screeching can be quite annoying in some songs, and this was one such case.

“Yuuyake Nostalgia” is a sweeter pop-rock track. Some of LiSA’s previous singles followed a similar formula; a strong title track, a more rock-sounding second track and then something a little more toned down for the third track. Personally, I think it’s a formula that works, even if it’s not exactly original, but the second track tends to be a hit or miss.

Overall a good single, with a definite LiSA sound. It’s great that she managed to grasp a certain style from early on in her anison career and still manage to churn out songs in said style without making me feel like I’m listening to the same song every time.

Birth - Kitamura Eri

Birth – Kitamura Eri

I have to admit, the first time I listened to “Birth” during KamiNai, it didn’t really impress me. Though KitaEri’s singles rarely do so it’s not much of a surprise there. What made me love her was her Re:story album after all. Still, listening to the full version made me reevaluate my impression. While it feels a bit disjointed in some parts, the overall sound is close enough to what I’ve grown to love from the album. That said, the high pitched backing vocals just aren’t my cup of tea, though they do fit the KamiNai image so it works as anison really.

Now, the real winner here is the b-side, “Lifetime Trader”. This is the exact sound that I now associate with KitaEri. Dark, badass, and relying heavily on the distorted guitar rhythms. The male backing vocals kind of remind me of abingdon boys school actually, but with a female lead.


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